Day: July 15, 2018
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Recent letter was plagiarized

The following letter to the editor by Charlotte County DEC member David Finster was published in the Charlotte Sun on Friday, July 13th. Editor: The letter from July 6 submitted by Thomas W. Smith of North Port was plagiarized from an online blog published by Daniel Greenfield, who is “a New York writer focusing on radical

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Charlotte County Democrats Promote “Politics in the Park”

Charlotte County Democrats are eagerly awaiting the “Politics in the Park” event on July 21st, at Harbor Heights Park. And several Party members are telling why in a series of videos posted on Facebook. The videos were recorded at the park just after daybreak on the banks of the Peace River.  The messages were written

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Soul of nation is at stake

The following letter to the editor, written by DEC member Teresa Jenkins, was published in the Charlotte Sun on Saturday, July 14th: Editor: Leonard Pitts’ recent editorial column concluded with, “I am a liberal. Because I have, literally, no alternative.” I can empathize and this year I’ll cast my ballot for candidates who will: protect

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