Day: July 26, 2018
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Factory Workers losing jobs in Trump Economy

This is the Republican tax scam in action, folks. Shortly after the GOP passed their plan to reward corporations with massive giveaways, Harley-Davidson announced their Kansas City plant closure and the layoffs of about 800 workers. Days later, they announced nearly $700 million in stock buybacks to benefit wealthy shareholders and executives.

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Constitutional Amendments – Proposed 2018

2018 Proposed Constitutional Amendments On your 2018 General Election ballot, you’ll be faced with 13 – yes, 13 proposed amendments to Florida’s Constitution. That’s because in addition to the Florida Legislature and private citizens, a 37-member Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) can also establish ballot measures. The CRC meets every 20 years to review Florida’s Constitution

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As Rick Scott abandons job, Floridians are left behind

New reporting from Politico found that Rick Scott has given up on doing the job of governor, instead focusing full time on extending his political career. While abandoning his official job, he fundraised with oil and gas special interests and the founder of the company at the center of the SunPass Scandal. Here are some key points from Politico’s report: •”Even as

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Local Activists defeat Mosaic Mining

After two days of emotional testimony in support of and against phosphate mining in the county’s rural back reaches, the DeSoto Board of County Commissioners late Wednesday voted to deny the Fortune 500 firm its application to rezone some 14,000 acres from agriculture to industrial mining. (Read more in Sun) Local activists celebrated More Coverage of

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