Day: October 7, 2018
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The Sun recommends Catherine Price for the State Senate 26 seat.

Editor’s Note: The Charlotte Sun has recommended Democratic State Senate 26 Candidate Catherine Price. sat in on Price’s interview with Sun Editorial Board members. Charlotte Sun recommendation: “Price is smart and determined to make a difference in Florida. She would be a fighter for the middle class and small business owners. The Sun recommends

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Amendment #6-Why Vote No?

Have you noticed the yard signs and letters to the editor asking for you to vote “yes” on Amendment 6? Amendment 6 is confusing because it contains three proposals: (1) to expand the rights of victims; (2) to raise the retirement age of judges from 70 to 75; (3) to force courts and judges to

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Second District Court of Appeal

On the November ballot, voters will choose to retain two judges who currently sit on the Second District Court of Appeal. These courts provide the opportunity for review of decisions of lower tribunals by multi-judge panels. District Courts of Appeal correct harmful errors and ensure that decisions are consistent with our rights and liberties. There

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