FL Dems 2019 Convention Defines Electoral Victory Pathway

More than 20 Charlotte County Democrats attended the 2019 Democratic Party Convention in Orlando this past weekend. Grass-roots activists, party leaders, and elected officials convened for intense strategy sessions, adoption of resolutions, and one significant rules change.  The 2019 Convention helped Florida Democrats define our strategy for 2020 electoral victories.



The three-day session began Friday, October 11 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, with several hundred first time participants joining scores of experienced party members.   Workshop sessions taught attendees key techniques to boost Democratic voter turnout in the 2020 elections.

Some of the key training workshop topics included:

    • Communications Training
    • Data Training
    • Digital Media Training
    • Fundraising Training
    • Hispanic Media Training
    • Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Training

If you wish to help in any of these areas, please Click Here to Volunteer or email Volunteer@CharlotteDems.com

Saturday events included Speakers and Panel Discussions.  Speakers included Charlotte County’s 2019 Blue Gala Keynote Speaker Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried.  Commissioner Fried passionately encouraged the recruitment and support for Democratic candidates for State Senate and State Representative seats in 2020.

Republican legislators in Tallahassee are more vulnerable where their denial, obstruction, and subversion has met the reality of voter expectations of climate change mitigation, stopping corporate pollution of our fragile waterways, and widespread support for voter rights restoration.

Panel discussions and new program launches empower us to take actions that will ensure maximum effectiveness in the 2020 elections.

  • Campaign Generator and Candidate Toolbox Rollout – A robust “campaign-in-a-box” tool that simplifies the process for potential candidates to evaluate their campaign viability, objectives, challenges, and milestones.  Registered, candidates will enjoy a suite of simple, yet powerful tools to help manage a successful campaign.  Please ensure prospective candidates are aware of this robust toolkit.  Contact Candidate@CharlotteDems.com for more info.
  • Voter Protection Kit – Attonery Brandon  Peters leads the FDP’s year-round effort to help each county improve our voter protection programs in several areas.  Florida has experienced too many voting irregularities and questionable ballot-counting issues to assume the system works effectively.  Charlotte County Democrats want to assemble a team to ensure our democratic process is transparent.  Please sign up here to assist in the important work of our new Voter Protection Program.

Additional speakers included New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Mayor of Orange County FL Jerry Demings, and Fl Democratic Party Terrie Rizzo.  Each gave inspiring and compelling calls to action that ask each of us to stand up now to stop the degradation of our nation by the enablers of Donald Trump.

In other Florida Democratic Party business that was held on Sunday, several rule changes were discussed, with four of the five presented successfully adopted.  After many years of internal debate, the FDP Rules were modified to eliminate the “Loyalty Oath” required from  Precinct Captains.  In Charlotte County, the move was applauded as many of our members and prospective members disliked wording that seemed archaic and redundant.    Details on this and other rules changes will be available at the next business meeting of the Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee on November 4th at 7:00 PM.