Day: February 1, 2019
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Office / Museum Designer and Decorator

We want the Charlotte County Democrats’ office space to make a powerful impression. Seeking designer to help craft a welcoming, informative, and educational space. Seek design expertise to engage office visitors with informative signage, attractive and effective workspace layout(s), and motivational ambiance. The position could be a solo effort or work as a team if

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Florida Democrats reboot for 2020 election

As they deal with painful election losses and try to devise a plan for the 2020 presidential election cycle, Florida Democratic Party leaders announced Thursday they have formed a commission to help build an infrastructure that they hope will yield future wins in the nation’s largest swing state. (Read more in Florida Dems launch

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Opinion: President Trump is trampling Constitution Editor’s note: The following letter to the editor written by DEC member Leonard Guckenheimer was published in the Sun Friday, Feb. 1. Editor: Trump campaigned saying the border wall is necessary for national security and that Mexico will pay to build it. Mexico says, “No way, Jose!” For two years, Republicans had control of

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