Day: March 30, 2019
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Tallahassee: Stay Out of Local Government’s Business

Every year the Florida Legislature puts forth bills with the goal of hamstringing local governments. From prohibiting local bans on plastic straws to preventing any new business regulation by a city or county, our lawmakers are filing bills intended to do nothing but prevent local control. The worst offender in 2019 is Port Charlotte Republican

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Republicans are morally bankrupt Editor’s Note: The following letter written by Charlotte County Democratic Party Vice Chair Teresa Jenkins was published in the Sun on Saturday, March 30th: Editor: What do Republicans loathe? The Green New Deal. It provides for clean water, clean air, and good-paying jobs. It combines immediate concerns about pollution with carbon emissions reductions. Republicans

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New poll: Florida voters support drug imports, oppose arming teachers

Florida voters support allowing prescription drug imports from Canada but don’t want teachers armed in classrooms. New polling from Florida Atlantic University’s Business and Economics Polling Initiative finds support for most of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ policy priorities. From his environmental plans to voucher expansion, a majority favors the new executive’s direction so far. But positions like a ban on

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