Day: March 9, 2021
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All Lives Matter? Right!

By Jim Hussey, Charlotte Dems contributing writer Someday we’ll learn how certain Florida vaccination sites, ranging from privileged ZIP codes to exclusive enclaves, were selected – but from a distance it sure seems politics was as important as epidemiology. Earlier this year, it was reported coronavirus rates were twice as high in Florida’s Black and

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Call to Action

Demand FL legislators oppose HB 1/SB 484 Combating Public Disorder

Oppose this bill by signing here. This anti-protesting bill appears before the FL House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, March 10th. Don’t let Florida become totalitarian. Preserve our 1st Amendment rights. Do it right now; it only takes a minute! Talking points : HB 1 Combating Public Disorder was initially conceptualized by Gov. DeSantis as a backlash to Black Lives

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