Day: April 12, 2021
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The Democratic Environmental Caucus position on Piney Point

By Andy Mele, Sarasota environmental activist and Democrat Background: Piney Point in Manatee County, just south of Tampa, is a small mountain of waste phosphogypsum called a “gypstack,” with earthwork berm-retained lakes on top for settling out the waste phosphogypsum, and recycling the acidic process fluids used in fertilizer manufacturing.  The current spill is just

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Call to Action

Anti-protest bill will get its Senate vote on Wednesday April 14th

The anti-protest bill — HB 1 Combating Public Disorder — will be debated and voted on the Senate floor Wednesday April 14th. If it passes, goes to the Governor for his signature. So, we ask you to contact your individual Senator before Wednesday to VOTE NO on this anti-democracy bill. If this bill passes, it will be sent directly to the Governor. Our

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What does the Republican Party stand for anymore?

Editor’s note: This letter was published in The Sun last Friday, April 9th ` By Jane Merriam, Charlotte County Dems contributing writer ` There has been much discussion recently about what the Republican Party stands for. What is often ignored in this conversation is that for years the Party has been an amalgam of factions:

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