Day: April 3, 2022
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Democratic Women's Club

DWC resumes in-person meetings with program about the U.S. Presidency

By Kay Blue, Charlotte County Democratic Women’s Club (DWC) President. Who are the five best presidents and the five worst presidents of the United States?  Find out the answer on April 11th at 2:00 pm when the Democratic Women’s Club resumes in-person meetings.  Our speaker will be Paul Platt, local presidential expert.  Platt is a

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Rick Scott’s tax plan is a scary idea

The following editorial was published in The Daily Sun on April 1, 2022. OUR POSITION: If Republicans embrace Sen. Rick Scott’s tax ideas they will jeopardize a chance to control Congress. U.S. President Joe Biden wants to impose a 20% minimum tax on billionaires and raise corporate tax rates. On the other side of the

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