Day: October 30, 2022
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Who’s really to blame for inflation

Big corporations are taking advantage of the expectation of higher prices to rack up huge profits. Costs for big corporations are coming down, but companies are choosing profiteering over passing their savings on to customers. By Lindsay Owens By now, you’ve probably heard the good news. After more than a year of surging inflation, gas

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Vote for Demings, Crist and Kale

The following Letter to the  Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Oct 27, 2022. The Democratic party hasn’t shifted left, it’s the Republican party that has been hijacked by MAGA extremists and are now so far right that everyone else appears “liberal” to them. Listen up: those “libs” get things done. Unfix your

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After four years of DeSantis, Florida is far less affordable

In his time as governor, Ron DeSantis has routinely sided with the insurance, real estate, and utility companies, doling handouts and allowing them to excessively raise rates on working families, all at the expense of everyday Floridians. Property insurance Floridians have been pleading with the governor and Republican legislature to address the property insurance crisis,

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The Pelosis and a haunted America

By Maureen Dowd, NY Times Opinion Columnist, Oct 28, 2022. WASHINGTON — Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I loved putting up twinkling bats and watching midnight monster-chiller-horror movies. Not this year. The world is too scary. Politics is too creepy. Horror is too real. When I was a child, on Oct. 31, my older

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