Day: July 26, 2023
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Old sepia picture of two African-American boys poorly dressed with sad expressions

Florida’s silver linings guide to slavery

By Renée Graham, Globe Columnist, Boston Globe, July 26,2023. Nearly 190 years before Florida education officials announced that schoolchildren would be taught that slavery was akin to a job training program for Black people, John C. Calhoun, a virulently racist, slaveholding former vice president and US senator from South Carolina, extolled what he claimed were

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The Florida Board of Education’s new standards for African American history

By HEATHER COX RICHARDSON, Letters from an American, July 22, 2023. The Florida Board of Education approved new state social studies standards on Wednesday (Jul 20, 2023),  including standards for African American history, civics and government, American history, and economics. Critics immediately called out the middle school instruction in African American history that includes “how

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Energy companies behind bills filed in Florida Legislature

[A] gas company based in Maryland called Chesapeake Utilities wrote at least a couple energy bills for the Florida legislature this past session. “We saw, unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry show up in a very real way. Chesapeake Utility is just one example. We also saw the Florida Natural Gas Association registered on a lot

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