FPL-backed bill imperils rooftop solar in our Sunshine State

The following letter to the editor was published in The Daily Sun on Jan 21, 2022.

Florida Power and Light, with the help of state legislators, seems determined to kill solar power for  homeowners.

Two years ago I installed solar on my roof. Now, I pay nine dollars a month to FP&L. My panels generate about 10 Kilowatts, which is more than I need. What I don’t use is fed back to the grid. And sometimes my power meter runs backward.

That’s the beauty of net metering. Since 2008, Floridians have been able to feed our extra solar power back to the grid to offset what we use at night.

But now, Florida Power and Light wants to go back on the deal. And the company’s friends in the Florida legislature are helping ensure FP&L’s monopoly.

Last week a Senate committee passed a bill to kill net metering for middle class homeowners. FP&L’s parent, NextEra Energy, donates $100,000 each year to Tallahassee politicians. The power company wrote this bill and the Senator who introduced it got $10,000 from FP&L.

FP&L will say only rich folks have solar. But from my Punta Gorda backyard I can see panels on two neighbors’ homes. None of us are rich. We’re Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Anyone can invest and get a tax break. You can pay off a homeowner’s loan with the savings in just nine years.

Urge Florida lawmakers to reject this power grab by the power company and give us some energy independence.

James Blue, Punta Gorda