A message from our CC DEC Chair

January 6th was a very bad day for our country.

Because on that day, the laws, institutions, and norms that limit presidential power in the United States were stress tested and they barely survived a coup attempt.

But this is not to say that American democracy has passed through this crisis unscathed. It has been weakened and the country has been left more vulnerable and more divided. Yet, 2021 taught us it is imperative that we protect our democracy.

But we can’t do that without you. In 2022, get involved, register citizens to vote, help them sign up to vote by mail, counter lies and misinformation, and donate to your local Democratic party organization. 

One thing we know is that seditionists have no place in the United States government, and it’s our job as citizens to replace them and ensure they are not elected in November, 2022.

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 Image Credits: www.authoritypresswire.com