A message from our Chair about Women’s History Month 2021

By Teresa Jenkins, Charlotte County Dems Executive Chair

It is now March, which means it is officially Women’s History Month! There are so many incredible women without whom we could not be where we are today. However, this year in particular, Kamala Harris became our first female Vice President!  Prior to taking the oath at the U.S. Capital, Ms. Harris paid tribute to the women she says came before her: “I stand on their shoulders,” she said.

For too long, the contributions of women have been left out of the historical record. This has been particularly true for Black, Indigenous, women of color, and trans women, whose contributions have been dismissed, and all too frequently, dismantled.

Democrats believe in equal pay and paid family leave, affordable health care and child-care, and better educational opportunities for young girls and women. And we believe in electing women up and down the ballot so that our leadership better represents the diversity of this country.

We look forward to celebrating all of the amazing women of the past and present throughout this month. Be on the lookout for content about the women of history and the women making history!

Image Credits: www.authoritypresswire.com