A message from our Charlotte County Democrats Treasurer

As individual Democrats, we each support our progressive candidates as our personal circumstances allow and dictate.

But by banding together as members and supporters of the Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee (CCDEC) we are able to magnify our potential effect by pooling our money, our volunteerism, our energy, our spirit and mindset for doing good for the community.

Your contribution to the CCDEC supports the ‘back room’, behind the scenes, sometimes difficult, almost always labor intensive, but absolutely irreplaceable daily work of political activism. It is at our local level that elections are won and lost!

  • All of the actions and activities of the Charlotte County Democratic Party are important. Our actions and activities implement our policies and objectives through such activities as postal mailings, e-mailings, postings on social media and websites, drafting and distributing posters, creating and delivering door hangers, creating and buying space on outdoor billboards, placing newspaper advertisements and on and on.
    • Your contributions are how we find candidates for local and county elected offices, and Florida State Legislature senators and representatives for our area.
    • Your contributions include registering new voters and Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) by getting voters to Vote By Mail or to Vote In Person.
    • Your contributions help support a number of local Food Banks; not only by providing daily support to our needy brothers and sisters, but by demonstrating, in concrete actions, that we Democrats “walk the talk”. We truly care about people; we care about our children, and our elders, and our sick, and our challenged, and our homeless community members.
  • Your contributions pay the rent, buy the paper, ink, envelopes, stamps, purchase professional printing, signs, posters, etc. and pay for telephone lines, pay for internet access for social media and distribution of emails, text messages, and much more.

I want to share some current numbers so you have a sense of what our CCDEC finances look like.  My concerns are summed up in this note attached to my monthly transmittal of finance data to our CCDEC elected officers:

  • Through August we are -$6,340.58 (short) in contributions for the year! That averages about negative (minus) $800 contributed each month this year. Our expenses are not extravagant, but they exceed our income by $800 a month.
  • Projection of that monthly deficit predicts we will be about $9,600 short of actual expenses by the end of the year.  So, just to break even on the year, we need to net at least $10,000 from our upcoming October 9th
  • Of course, ‘breaking even for the year’ doesn’t help us prepare for our 2022 election year, since we will not have built up any reserve during the entire year of 2021, at our current rate of contributions-received and expenses.

In plain words, we need more contributors; we need bigger contributions; we need more recurring monthly contributions.

Please click HERE to attend and donate to our annual fundraiser on Oct 9th.

Thank you,

Bil Tucker, CCDEC Treasurer