A very personal message from Andrea Doria Kale, our Democratic candidate for Florida’s 17th Congressional District 

Dear Charlotte County Friends,

I am pleased to announce that my website https://www.andreadoriakale.com/  launched on Friday as well as my Facebook campaign https://facebook.com/andreadoriakale and Twitter accounts https://twitter.com/andreadoriakale.

Most of you are aware that redistricting took place in Florida this year.  Florida was one of three states that didn’t settle their districts until the end of April.  Governor DeSantis got his way in Florida; the first time a governor had overruled the Florida legislature and heavily gerrymandered districts favoring Republicans were certified.  The new 17th Congressional District covers all of Sarasota County, all of Charlotte County, and a small portion of upper Lee County. This is the new map.

The old Congressional District (still in effect until the next Congress is installed in Jan 2023) was the largest by land area in the state and included Hardee, Desoto, Charlotte, Glades, Highlands, and Okeechobee counties, along with portions of Polk, Lee, and Sarasota counties and some of the district’s largest cities include Venice, Port Charlotte, and Sebring.

So Greg Steube has lost a large part of his district to the new 16th, 18th and 19th districts, probably making it more favorable to a viable candidate like myself who has spent the last 7 years here getting to know Sarasota, Charlotte and Lee County businesses and people both personally and professionally. I worked for the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign as her state IT Director and Deputy Operations Director and as a lead volunteer on the Biden campaign working with the lead person on Biden/Harris Advance team on events and organizing.

I know you have all been busy with the primary election but once that is over, I hope you will join me and take action with my campaign. Volunteer and donate what you can afford. If you haven’t met me yet at the events and meetings I’ve been attending since June, please visit my website, call me, email me and get to know what I can do for voters in Charlotte County.

Help me defeat our 2 term Ultra MAGA Extremist Representative Greg Steube. I stepped up for CD17 in March when it came to my attention that everyone opposing him had dropped out.  I could not let him just walk back into the office without a fight.  He is a self-described Ultra MAGA Conservative, proud to wear the hat, endorsed by Trump in May, and boasts about it all over social media since being elected to his first term in 2018. He must be defeated. He does not represent the values of the majority everyday Americans, or CD17.

I have been considering a run for the seat since 2016. Running for public office has been in my blood ever since I can remember. I couldn’t stand by on the sidelines any longer, volunteering and working for Presidential campaigns, so I filed my intention with Florida’s Division of Elections and the FEC on March 3, 2022.  Simultaneous with me deciding to run for Congress, I placed my second home in New York on the market and while I immediately had a buyer the sale wasn’t finalized until June 13, 2022.  I arrived at my home in North Port with my two dogs and two cats late in the evening of June 9th exhausted from the 3-day drive.

I managed all this on my own with a little bit of help from family and friends. I moved 23 years of my life in my Staten Island home permanently to the home in North Port I had purchased in 2015. The next few days I spent settling in as best as I could, a little unpacking, and exchanging and signing paperwork remotely with my attorney to finalize the sale.

On June 14th I put everything in my life aside to focus on this campaign to defeat Greg Steube and many of you have already helped with that effort. So, after primary election day, I am asking you to help me over the finish line to defeat Greg Steube.   Please join my team by clicking HERE.