Allen Ellison speaks to the DWC

Editor’s Note: Allen Ellison was selected as the Democratic candidate for Congressional Dist. 17 following the untimely death of April Freeman. April’s name remains on the ballot. A vote for her will count for Allen.

Congressional District 17 candidate Allen Ellison spoke at the October 8 meeting of the Charlotte County Democratic Women’s Club.  He emphasized his commitment to women’s issues such as equal pay for equal work.  He went on to relate stories about his many accomplishments helping District 17 constituents get assistance with their small business or with addressing other problems, especially when they felt that they had no voice.  Ellison works to give  them one.

Ellison campaigns as a native son of District 17 and understands its people and issues. He addresses school safety, noting that he is the father of a Florida second grader and worries about her safety just as many of his constituents worry about their children in school.  He wants to be a champion for the environment, enlisting the expertise of environmental professionals to help solve our air and water quality problems.  Ellison follows a philosophy of servant leadership, believing that individuals should seek to become Congressional representatives not for personal gain but to be advocates for all their constituents as he promises to be.

The October 8 meeting also included a program by Jean Finks of the League of Women Voters informing members about the many amendments on the November 6 ballot.  DWC members also celebrated the 99th birthday of long-time member Hilda Adamczyk.