Amendment 4 Backers to Help Pay Fines and Fees

Days after Governor DeSantis signed a bill requiring all fines and restitution be paid before voting rights are restored t former felons, the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition launched a fund to help pay off outstanding fines and fees preventing thousands from voting.

Former felons can apply for funding at Returning citizens with questions can call the FRCC hotline 1-877-MY-VOTE-0 (1-877-698-6830).

The new law provides that those who registered to vote between January 8, when Amendment 4 took effect, and Monday, July 1, when the new law took effect, won’t be prosecuted.

The FRCC is aiming to raise $3 million and the assistance would come in the form of a “scholarship” payable to circuit court clerks. To qualify, fines and fees must be associated with a felony conviction, all prison time and probation must be completed, and there must be a verified financial need.

The FRCC has launched a state-wide voter registration plan that will focus on communities all over Florida with large returning citizen populations.

There are organizations engaged in lawsuits such as the Florida State Conference of the NAACP, the Orange County Branch of the NAACP, and the Florida League of Women Voters. In addition, the ACLU and other partners have filed a federal challenge seeking to block the new law, bringing a lawsuit on behalf of ten Floridians.