Ban Assault Weapons NOW

This weekend there was another senseless attack, this time at a synagogue in California, with the weapon of terrorist choice, the AR-15. There is NO reason why this weapon is available for any purpose other than mass attacks.

But our Florida legislature is controlled by special interests who will do everything in their power to stop common sense gun reform. It is up to individual citizens to make change happen and it starts with people like you and the one on one conversations you have with your friends and neighbors.

Ban Assault Weapons Now (BAWN) is leading the grassroots initiative to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2020 to get these weapons off the streets.

Florida law allows its citizens to propose amendments to the state constitution by petition and BAWN is on a mission to collect nearly 800,000 signatures so Florida voters can have their voices heard. The Florida Democratic Party stands with them on this effort.

If you have not already signed a petition, you can download and print one,  then drop it off at our office. You can find the petition here