Biden is successful despite GOP roadblocks

The following letter to the editor was published in The Sarasota Herald-Tribune on Sept 13, 2022.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats have done an amazing job passing long-needed, important legislation; despite a Republican effort to undermine all their efforts.

Despite inheriting the greatest public health crisis in U.S. history (COVID), crumbling and outdated infrastructure and a deepening climate crisis that Republicans did nothing about, Democrats delivered:

  • The largest economic recovery plan since Franklin Roosevelt.
  • The largest infrastructure plan since Dwight Eisenhower.
  • The second-largest health care bill since Lyndon Johnson.
  • The most significant gun legislation in 30 years.
  • The lowest child poverty rate in recent history.
  • The largest climate change bill in history.

High inflation wasn’t created by Democrats. It’s a worldwide problem created by the pandemic, the Ukraine/Russia war and corporate greed. Biden has done everything in his limited presidential power to help alleviate this.

Conversely, Republicans have engaged in suppressing voters, taking over the machinery of elections, ending women’s reproductive rights, banning books, restricting education, and sabotaging every Democratic piece of legislation. They have done nothing to help or protect the American people.

Biden and Democrats are the only hope democracy has in America. True patriots will vote for democracy this November.

Frank Roeske, Englewood

 Image Credits: Evan Vucci/AP