Biden supports unions and our middle class

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Jan 6, 2023.

As a union member for 47 years, 11 with the UAW and 36 with the APWU, I’m moved by seeing the resurgence in unionism.

People always wonder what happen to the middle class. What happened was corporate greed as unions dwindled businesses got wealthier and as they told their employees how valuable they were and their success was do to their hard work that’s all they got was lip service.

As a former proud member and area VP out of local APWU 100 out of Boston I had the honor and pleasure of fighting for the rights of our members.

What a wonderful feeling to see a president who walks the walk and talks the talk.

Instead of giving corporate tax breaks to the wealthy he is supporting the hard workers who just want a fair share of the pie and earn a living wage.

He understands that trickle down economics is just a code word that Republicans use for their wealthy donors.

As you drive across the country you see all the jobs Biden has created repairing our roads and bridges with his infrastructure bill; another thing Trump couldn’t get done.

I find it entertaining that now the same readers who blame Biden for high gas prices and a low stock market have now seen the light and now have an epiphany and realize that it’s not due to who’s president just as groceries prices are not controlled by government.

Thanks Joe for supporting us, keep up the good work.

Stephen Barrows, Punta Gorda

Image Credits: Associated Press