‘Big Brother’ government is alive and well here

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Jan 23, 2023.

Not all ideas of freedom are the same. Many feel if freedom is to be restricted, it should be on the local level where the individual has most influence over any decision that may impact them.

Most see that health decisions are best when made in consultation with their doctor.

Most see an open marketplace as the most likely way their dollars can have voice.

Most believe that their child’s education is better handled by professional teachers working in schools controlled at the local district level.

Many feel having a gun is freedom. Many more see freedom as lost if the barrel is pointed at them.

Well, there are those that feel decisions must be made at the state government level. This has led to Governor DeSantis assuming the role of doctor during COVID-19. Likely many more died than if doctors had been in charge.

DeSantis has assumed the role of teacher; even choosing the books or the bathrooms school children need. Meanwhile graduation rates drop.

DeSantis has often removed local control of local issues, a kind of “Big Brother” approach to governance.

DeSantis at times encourages more gun ownership and concealed carry while gun deaths continue to rise.

DeSantis, now an insurance expert, decided that if individuals succeed against their insurer in court they, not the insurer, must pay their legal fees.

If you want “Big Brother” government then you are happy to give up individual and local control.

Douglas Kennedy, Punta Gorda