Blue announces his campaign for Florida House – Calls out “Tallahassee Tyranny”

Emmy award winning journalist Jim Blue of Punta Gorda (D) is vowing to end “Tallahassee’s politics of distraction” as he enters the race for State House District 76. On Sunday, Blue announced his plans to run in 2024 to represent the district, which stretches through DeSoto and Charlotte Counties to the banks of the Caloosahatchee River in Lee County.

Jim and his wife, Kay, moved to Punta Gorda in 2015 with plans to scale back their careers, enjoy the Florida paradise, and spoil their three granddaughters. But the 2016 election drew them both to offer their skills in local politics. Kay is the current President of Charlotte County’s Democratic Women’s Club and Jim is a media consultant and video producer for Democratic and non-partisan candidates.

House District 76 is still struggling to recover from Hurricanes Ian and Idalia. Jim says that the incumbent politicians in Tallahassee are focusing on ways to advance the Governor’s political ambitions in Washington rather than the true issues which affect Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and Arcadia, issues like insurance reform and protecting local power.

Jim particularly calls out District 76’s current representative, Spencer Roach of N. Fort Myers, who has sponsored bills that rob local voters of power. Roach gained notoriety in 2021 by frustrating the will of Key West residents who had voted to block massive cruise ships from flooding the town with tourists. This past session, Roach sponsored another bill that would have allowed developers to tear down historic homes in Punta Gorda and Miami Beach without the sign-off of local governments. Another Roach bill would have allowed buzzing drone delivery of packages without any local oversight.

Blue says, “It’s time to end Tallahassee’s Tyranny. Single-party rule is as bad for Florida as it is for Cuba, Venezuela and China.”

Concerned citizens who want to participate in Jim Blue’s campaign should visit