Blue Wave Coalition’s winning strategies come to Gulf Coast

by Jane Merriam, CCDEC Secretary

Imagine more than doubling the number of Democratic elected officials in your area. That is what a grassroots organization did in St. Johns County in the 2018 elections. (St. Johns County is located on the Atlantic coast and St. Augustine is the county seat.)

The grassroots organization, St. Johns County Blue Wave Coalition, came to the Gulf Coast to present their winning strategies in a workshop. Democrats from Lee, Collier, Manatee, Charlotte and Sarasota Counties attended the workshop. Also attending were allied groups such as Indivisible.

St. Johns County has about the same percentage of Republicans as Charlotte County. However, in the 2018 election, the Blue Wave Coalition increased Democratic voter registrations, Democrats voting, and increased Democratic candidate recognition. Significantly, the Blue Wave Coalition increased the number of Democrats on ballots and increased by 82% the number of Democrats elected.

To make our winning strategies work, we need your help and support. Please join us. For more information about the Blue Wave Coalition, please call the office: (941) 258-3542 or email Jane Merriam, CCDEC Secretary.