Call to action: Florida legislative alerts

By Karen Fisk,  Charlotte Dems legislation tracker

The 2021 Florida Legislative Session started March 1st. Several bills will be heard this week. You are requested to contact by phone or email the senators who chair the committees where the following bills originate. Your letters and phone calls are a very effective way to urge legislators to support or oppose important bills. You can choose bills in your interest area, framing your letters or calls around the bill summaries outlined below.

Oppose SJR 1238 Citizen Initiatives increases the percentage of votes required to pass citizen initiative amendments on election ballots from 60% to 66.67%. Sen. Baxley is the Chair ([email protected]) and  (850)487-5012.

Oppose SB 90 VBM Registration restricts vote-by-mail applications to one election cycle, and specifically require everybody who received mail ballots last year to re-apply in 2022. Sen. Baxley is the Chair ([email protected]) and (850) 487-5012 

Support SB 886 COVID-19 Impact on Schools provides that standardized assessments may not be used for specific purposes this term. Sen. Thurston is the Chair ([email protected]) and (850) 487-5033 

Support SB 1030 M-CORES “Roads to Ruin” repeals M-CORES and returns the budgeted revenue back into the state’s general revenue fund.. Sen. Brandes is the Chair ([email protected]) (850)487-5024

Oppose SB 72 Civil Liability for COVID-10 Related Damages  which shields businesses from responsibility/accountability for failure to protect employees and/ or customers from COVID. Sen. Brandes is the Chair ([email protected]) (850)487-5024 

Oppose SB 856 Preemption of Energy Infrastructure Requirements removes cities’ local authority over energy infrastructure. Sen. Hutson is the Chair ([email protected]) and (850)487-5007

Thank you for expressing your opinion!

Resource:  Democratic Women’s Clubs of Florida
                  Legislative Liaison Committee
                  Jean Siebenaler, President

Image Credits: Charlotte County Dems Graphics