Call to action for phone bankers to win Jacksonville City Council seat

Dear Fellow Democrats,
I’m contacting you today to let you know about an election that requires all hands on deck. On Tuesday, February 22nd we can elect a Democrat and protect a seat that was held by the beloved City Councilman Tommy Hazouri. We need your help to protect and hold this seat!
Republicans are relying on us not to turn out on February 22. They are so confident Democrats will not show up that they are proclaiming in the press “We will flip this seat.” We cannot let them win. During this special election, the Republicans are not only lying about the Democratic candidate’s record, but they are gleefully celebrating the death of a local leader to “replace it with a Republican.
The Democratic candidate, Tracye Polson, is on the right path to victory. As a small business owner, mental health professional, and cancer survivor, Tracye brings a unique perspective that is missing in Jacksonville. She’s running to help put an end to corruption in City Hall, while putting public safety at the forefront of all her policies. During the primary, Tracey was the top vote getter, but her lead was less than 600 votes over her Republican opponent.
Keeping Duval County Blue is critical to our efforts in 2022 and beyond. You can help turnout our voters by volunteering for our statewide phone bank and texting program. Democrats, this is our first test of 2022. We must step up. The best way to sign up for a shift is to reach out to Vanessa Rolon at or sign up through our Mobilize link at –
This will likely be a low turnout election, and with your help we can drive up turnout in favor of Tracye. Every call made and text message sent out will help drive out our voters and propel Tracye and Democrats to Victory!
In solidarity,
Manny Diaz
Florida Democratic Party