Calling All Democrats!

 Caption: A girl calls her friends to Vote By Mail. Image courtesy
By Linda DeMeritt, Precinct Captain Coordinating Committee chair

Our voter outreach meets challenges, thanks to you!

Thanks and congratulations to all of our Precinct Captains and Volunteers! As of mid-June, we finished calling Cold Democrats, which means we have now completed the entirety of our January 2019 to June 2020 Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Countdown. Over the past 18 months, we have contacted Warm Dems, New Dems, Cold Dems, left-leaning No Party Affiliation (NPAs), and Dems with an expired Vote By Mail (VBM) enrollment.

Outreach occurred via phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, mailings, and tabling. Warm Dems alone were contacted five separate times in three different ways. In total, 13,910 Democrats were signed up to Vote By Mail by the end of May!

But our work is not done; in fact, we are ramping it up! There are less than 140 days until the election, so we can’t rest on our laurels. We must make every one of those days count toward turning Florida BLUE.

Here’s what’s happening and how our momentum is building!

–Starting this month, we are joining forces with the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) and the Biden Campaign, which means we are increasing all forms of voter outreach. Multiple Virtual Phone Banks (VPBs), some put together by the FDP and others by Charlotte County leaders, will be the norm going forward.
–We are putting into place a texting platform to significantly increase contact with voters, especially younger voters.
–Recently, seven volunteers responded to a call for Data Captains to help us track progress and prioritize needs, which will help us to create new phone banks and mailings focused on crucial precincts and demographic groups.
–Members of the Steering Committee learned about Vote-tripling, an exciting and proven new strategy to triple the impact of a single call. The person called commits to naming, persuading, and reminding three friends or family members to vote on election day, then they receive a text reminder just before Election Day.
–At the previous two Black Lives Matter protests, participants registered to vote and signed up to Vote By Mail in large numbers.
–Voter registration tabling at carefully chosen, strategic sites is re-commencing after COVID-19 shut down such efforts. Social distancing guidelines will still be strictly followed.

Our momentum is also more generally evident in a notable rise in the number of people stepping up to volunteer, which is bringing new energy, creativity, and dedication to our efforts. However, we still need MORE volunteers, including a cadre of texters, and more Precinct Captains willing to coordinate and train volunteers. Please join us in these exciting times and help us to return accountable and just governance to the White House for the next four years. Contact Linda DeMerrit at to volunteer.