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Democratic Women's Club

DWC Betty Gissendanner Memorial Scholarship applications are available at Charlotte County high schools

Do you know or are you a young female Democrat who will be graduating from a Charlotte County public high school in 2022? If so, application packets for the Democratic Women’s Club (DWC) of Charlotte County’s Betty Gissendanner Memorial Scholarships are now available at your high school.  Completed applications are due by March 1, 2022.

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Rick Scott forecasts ‘unbelievable’ school board changes in 2022

By A.G. Gancarski,, December 29, 2021. U.S. Sen. Rick Scott continues to project optimism about the electoral climate for Republicans, forecasting an “unbelievable” shift in school boards in 2022. During an interview Wednesday morning on Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade Show, the Senator said there would be an “unbelievable number of school board changes this next

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Charlotte County student dies from COVID-19

By Nancy J. Semon, The Daily Sun staff writer, Sep 3, 2021. MURDOCK — While discussing whether to change its optional mask mandate Friday, School Board members revealed a Charlotte County student died from COVID-19. This is the first known Charlotte County public school student to die from complications related to the coronavirus. No information

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School boards, parents challenge DeSantis ban on mandatory school masks

By John Kennedy, Capital Bureau, USA TODAY NETWORK-FLORIDA, August 13, 2021. Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on mandatory school masks, challenged by several county school boards and revamped by his own administration, faces an early test Friday in a Leon County courtroom. Circuit Judge John Cooper has scheduled a hearing on a lawsuit brought by parents from a half-dozen

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Don’t ban discussion of nation’s prejudice

Editor’s note:  this letter by a Charlotte Dems member appeared in the Daily Sun on July 22nd. Please support our local newspaper by subscribing to it! GOP lawmakers are attempting to drag us into a moral panic over a problem that doesn’t exist: critical race theory (CRT). Their rants alleging there is no racism have

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Florida Legislation

Gov. DeSantis takes on how racial history is taught in Florida schools

By John Kennedy, Capital Bureau, USA TODAY NETWORK-FLORIDA, May 28, 2021 TALLAHASSEE – Gov. Ron DeSantis is poised to declare victory on another front in what critics call a culture war  – with his administration expected to approve new limits on how racial history is taught in Florida schools. The Republican governor has spent weeks ridiculing “critical race theory,”

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We want schools to reopen but do it safely, experts tell Charlotte County Dems

School closures, and economic shutdowns will cause measurable income losses for today’s students, two economics experts told Charlotte County Dems in an online discussion. Dr. Phalin, economics and international business professor at the Warrington Business College, University of Florida, said the economic effects of COVID-19 could be estimated by looking at the economic effects of

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Florida DOE Decides Civics isn’t Really Important

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Remember High School Civics Class? I had it Twice in High School (9th Grade Civics and 12th Grade Problems of Democracy). Then again In college (American Government). Florida Legislature passed a law requiring Civil Literacy in 2017 in an effort to ensure the electorate had a passable understanding of how our government works. A good

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It’s Time to Fully Fund Public Education

Critics of our public schools point to the poor performance of the schools in impoverished areas while simultaneously diverting taxes into various voucher programs that hamstring the schools. Privatization proponents have found multiple ways to funnel funding away from our schools including a dollar for dollar write corporate tax off to donate to voucher programs.

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DWC Members Attend Education Summit

Florida Public Education: “We can agonize or organize.” Over 1300 participants, including teachers, parents, pastors, school board members, administrators, civic organizations, and legislators convened to form action strategies to support public education in Florida.

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Florida House panel approves guns for teachers

Florida House committee voted Thursday for a broad school safety bill that would expand an existing guardian program to allow classroom teachers to volunteer to carry weapons on campus if local school boards approve. The Republican-led legislation adopted 11-5 along party lines by the House Education Committee builds on a law passed after last year’s

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Tell state lawmakers to stop the attack on Public Schools!!

Folks, SB 7070 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education on Tuesday, March 19 at 10 AM. This bill has a number of provisions, the most egregious of which would greatly expand taxpayer-funded school vouchers. This means that our public school funding would be sacrificed to pay for vouchers. WHAT

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Unqualified legislator to chair House education committee

Get ready for a fight. Florida’s public education system is at stake. A chasm over education big enough to swallow a Volkswagen has opened in the Florida Legislature, and this year’s tussle over the more than $20 billion the state spends annually on schools promises to be particularly acrimonious. (Read more in

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