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Medicare and Social Security have strengthened under Biden and Democrats, but the GOP has a plan that could end guarantee

A new report shows that Medicare and Social Security have been “bolstered by growing economy” under President Biden and Democrats The trustees of Medicare and Social Security just released their annual report on the programs. The good news? Both programs are in better shape since President Biden took office because the “economic recovery from the 2020 recession has been

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Miami Herald Op-Ed: Florida seniors at risk of losing Social Security, Medicare under Scott’s harmful GOP plan

On Friday, the Miami Herald published an op-ed by Max Richtman, the executive director of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, that outlines the dangers that Senator Rick Scott’s GOP plan to sunset Social Security and Medicare poses to the five million Florida seniors who rely on these incredibly popular government programs.

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Your Social Security payment is not safe in Trump’s America

By Linda Porterfield, Charlotte County Dems writer A recent executive order could seriously alter your retirement plans and income, as well as critical income for children and persons with disabilities. Under the guise of stimulating our struggling economy, Trump’s recent executive order to temporarily eliminate the payroll tax could turn into a permanent action if

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