Chair, Young Democrats’ Letter to the Editor

The Sun Newspaper recently published the following letter to the editor authored by Daniel Schwarz.
There is a crisis at the border, but don’t be fooled by President Trump, it’s America’s fault, not the migrants. We treat people who are fleeing desperate circumstances like criminals just because they weren’t fortunate enough to be born in the United States. These migrants come to America for help, and all we do is hurt them more. We’ve separated families, locked children in cages, and failed to provide for their basic needs. The President falsely tries to convince us that these people are criminals who are destroying this country, but we are the ones destroying this country. America is based on a set of shared values, but as we see in our immigration policies these values are being thrown aside. Migrant children do not hurt us, the politicians and people who fail to stand up for our values do. The only thing that will bring down America is the abandonment of our values, not migrants seeking a better life.