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We’ve made some changes here at that we think will improve your online experience.

Folks have mentioned that they can’t find some of the great original content published here. And it’s true that we post so much on a daily basis that, if you don’t check in often, you can easily miss some of our stories.

So we’ve added a “Featured Stories” panel on our Homepage. Just scroll down past the “Events” section of the Homepage, and you’ll find this panel:

New “Featured Stories” panel on Homepage


You can still find the most recent stories and links that we publish in what we call the “Carousel” rotating at the top of the Homepage. (Fun fact: Did you know that you can rotate the carousel using the small arrows on the sides? That way you don’t have to wait for the carousel to cycle around to a story you missed.)

You can thank Webmaster David Finster for the excellent work in creating the Featured Stories panel. And David is constantly working behind the scenes to ensure that runs smoothly.

For example, David added sidebar tools with search, view by category, and dated archives. Check them out:

If you have questions about just contact David at

Thanks for visiting!