Charlotte Co. DEC Chair Patrick Hurley criticizes state GOP Position on Trump Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor by CCDEC Chair Patrick Hurley was published in the Charlotte Sun on Wednesday, Jan. 23rd.

Responsibility falls to Republicans


Membership has responsibilities.

Monday’s front page article stated that State Sen. Joe Gruters, the new chair of the Florida Republican Party, made clear that supporting Trump will be the party’s top priority. “We have a singular focus over the next two years,” Gruters said. “And that’s getting our president re-elected.”

My question is: Why?

Notwithstanding the unprecedented managerial failures demonstrated by senior White House staff inexperience, incompetence and indictments, do we want multiple Cabinet-level ethics investigations? Is “recordbreaking” White House staff turnover rational? Do we pretend to hear wisdom in the incomprehensible doublespeak or “alternative facts?”

Are you willing to nod along silently while your president demeans an ally like Canada then showers praise on adversaries like Russia and North Korea?

Enduring Trump’s second government shutdown, we are witnessing yet another failure of this Republican Party leadership team in Washington, where the cultlike willingness to put party power ahead of functional governance rules the day.

Are you a Republican willing to admit that Trumpism has been a mistake? Take the emotion out of it and look at the lack of unity within our nation, the quality of our own bipartisan dialogue and the frailty of personal relationships based on our perspective of one man. Is he your leader?

My membership in the Democratic Party carries responsibility. It signals an alignment of the party priorities with my values. Many clear-eyed Republicans should de-register from the party that does not support your values. Otherwise, your membership endorses today’s leadership, their priorities and their values.

Patrick J. Hurley


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