Charlotte County Democrats Resolution to Address COVID-19 in Florida

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Submitted by: Francis Dance on 6/5/2020


Charlotte County Democrats unanimously passed a resolution at its June 1st meeting to address the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida, consisting of the following points:

1. Federal and state governments must extend unemployment benefits after the initial 12 week period ends (rather than waiting until the 3rd quarter of 2020);
2. Florida must improve the Florida CONNECT system to allow unemployed to promptly and easily file their claims;
3. Florida must approve Medicaid expansion in Florida to citizens in need;
4. Florida must re-open access to ACA (Obamacare) enrollment to provide health benefits to the unemployed;
5. Florida must develop procedures to allow early prisoner and jail release of those who do not represent a threat to society, are medically compromised, have completed >50% of their term, and/or are approaching parole eligibility;
6. Florida must ensure accurate, timely and transparent reporting of COVID-19 cases and deaths;
7. Florida must increase COVID-19 testing availability and contact tracing to reduce possible second COVID-19 infection waves;
8. Florida must implement rigorous retirement and assisted living facility inspection, reporting and monitoring procedures to prevent senior citizen outbreaks;
9. Florida must establish processes to allow prompt re-establishment of shelter at home measures by county in the event of community spread;
10. Florida must ensure adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the public and essential workers; and
11. Florida must increase its financial aid to small businesses to retain/rehire employees.

Furthermore, Charlotte County Democrats support the US Senate passage of the ‘‘Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act’’ or the “HEROES Act’’ as passed by the US House of Representatives.

Click Here to read the full COVID-19 Resolution.