Charlotte County Dems celebrate Biden-Harris win and look back on election effort

By Lenny Guckenheimer, Charlotte Dems writer

In this era of COVID-19 pandemic social-distant restrictions, it’s hard to party. But that is exactly what Charlotte County (CC) Dems did in our last well attended monthly online Zoom meeting. We were dancing and cheering (and imbibing our favorite beverages) in our homes.

The November 9th meeting was also a review of the tremendous election campaign efforts from members and supporters and the challenges due to the pandemic. Normally, both the Democratic Club and CC Dems office would have been almost non-stop beehives of activity as voters come in for candidate information and canvassers would get supplies and assignments. The usual campaign activities such as in-person door-to-door voter outreach were very limited this year due to COVID-19. The offices were closed except for a few hours twice a week during sign waving near the Dems headquarters along U. S. Route 41. We also had to deal with the false “socialist” and “defend the police” slogans Republicans tried to pin to us.

Despite these obstacles, CC Dems, including the CC Democratic and Englewood Clubs made the most of what we had to work with. We had accomplished some very impressive firsts:

  • Our first state House of Representative candidate, David Jones. Although he was defeated by incumbent, Michael Grant, David received 39,000 votes. He gained 9,000 more votes beyond our 30,000 voting Democrats. David broadened our exposure by running full-page newspaper ads and social media. Congratulations, David!
  • Our first virtual Blue Gala fundraiser that generated enough donations to pay for newspaper ads and paid digital ads on Facebook and other social media
  • A digital billboard on U. S. Route 41, and 
  • Our local Newspaper endorsed our candidate, Allen Ellison, for U.S. Congressional District 17

We also had other major accomplishments. With the hard work of volunteers making phone calls and mailing postcards, Charlotte County Democrats had record-breaking Vote-By-Mail enrollment, resulting in more than 77% of all Democrats voting.

Because of heightened concerns about voter intimidation during voting, the Democratic Party nationally and in Florida organized voter-protection teams. Locally, ninety volunteers helped insure voters could safely vote by greeting voters outside voting locations and observing the voting process inside the polling location. We also had lawyers assist us.

But our work isn’t done

In our next meeting on December 7th, we will vote for officers for the CC Dems Executive Committee. Those positions are chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer, state committee chairman and chairwoman. If you are interested in running for any of these offices, please contact Nancy Razvoza at 941-743-0871 or email her at

Phone calls to Georgia

This year, both of Georgia’s U. S. Republican incumbent senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are up for re-election and are facing strong Democratic opponents, Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock, respectively. Because no candidate received 50% of the vote in the general election, the two senate races are in a runoff that will be held on Jan 5th. 

This is a very crucial race for Democrats because if we win both senate seats, control of the senate will be evenly split 50-50. This would take away Republican control of the senate by allowing Vice-president elect Kamala Harris to vote and break ties. If the Republicans win one Georgia senate race, they would keep the majority and allow Sen. Mitch McConnell to remain Senate Leader. You can help mobilize the Get-Out-The-Vote effort by making phone calls to Georgian voters and ask them to vote for Democrats Ossoff and Warnock. Please donate to the cause here and  get involved here.

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