Come together to end this terrible virus

The following letter was published in the Daily Sun on August, 22, 2021.

For the record, let’s acknowledge that: We all are very upset, suffering and want this unbearable pain to end.

We all want to be treated with dignity, our needs understood, and to be accepted for whom we are.

We love and care for our families and neighbors. We believe sincerely that what we are saying and doing is correct and necessary.

We are independent, want to be in control of our lives — not told what to do, say, or think. We want to make our own decisions based on what we believe to be best for ourselves and our families.

Our children are watching and listening. They learn how to behave from us. We must show them our best so that they will become their best. As we are, so shall be our children.

We all want the lives we had pre-Coronavirus; when we could hug, kiss, get close, dance, play, learn, work, worship without fear of getting sick or spreading a deadly disease.

No one wants to wear a mask, get a vaccine, or social distance. Many of us make these sacrifices because these things are all we can do to protect lives: ours, yours, and those of others around us. If you have better, proven ways to stop COVID-19, please tell us.

Nobody wants to tell you what to do. But we desperately need you, if you are able, to take those measures to end this curse.

Together, let’s end this horrible disease and return to our lives which we had enjoyed.

Lenny Guckenheimer, Englewood

Florida is facing a COVID crisis

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