Communication Committee Seeks Volunteers!

He finally couldn’t just stand by and take it anymore. Fran Dance became an associate member of the Charlotte County (CC) Democrats in January 2020 to make deliberate and tangible efforts for progressive change in our county, state and country. He and his wife had purchased their Englewood home in 2010, while still maintaining a summer Connecticut home. After retiring in 2016, they became Florida residents and registered Democrat voters in order to turn Florida blue. But that was not enough! Trump took the White House and then in 2018, Bill Nelson lost his Senate seat and Andy Gillum lost the Governor’s race, both by a tiny percentage.

Now in 2020, he’s doing more to make sure that on November 3rd, Charlotte County and Florida are at the forefront of this drastically needed change in our political environment. He has completed voter registration training and has conducted phone calls to registered Democrats, encouraging them to enroll in vote by mail. He recently wrote and gained approval for a local COVID-19 response resolution. He contributes posts to the CC Democratic Party Group Facebook page. Most importantly, he joined the Communication Committee and recently accepted an interim role as its leader.

The Communications Committee is seeking volunteers to inform, promote, and increase the turnout of voters who will support Democratic candidates. The committee does this by:

  • increasing public awareness of our CC Democrats’ organization and our values that clearly contrast with that of our opponents,
  • increasing the number of newsletter readers, website visitors, social media engagement, volunteerism and precinct Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts by writing and disseminating insightful, dynamic, truthful local content,
  • encouraging CC Democrat membership growth and participation in events, rallies and protests, fundraising, volunteering and civic engagement,
  • generating publicity, press coverage, online discussions, and activism in print and digital media,
  • encouraging sharing and republishing of content to drive traffic to our website, and
  • supporting and recruiting Democratic political office candidates and build member awareness of open positions.

Please join Fran Dance on our Communications Committee. Together, we will achieve our election goals in November. Write the committee at to express your interest in participating as:

  • a writer or editor
  • website developer
  • internal and external coordinator/communicator
  • data analyst
  • public relations, etc.

Your skills and your enthusiasm are welcome and needed now!