Conflict has erupted between Gov. DeSantis and the Florida Senate about the Everglades Task Force

For the second year in a row, the Florida legislature has a chance to pass the recommendations from the Blue-Green Algae Task Force. Back in 2018, then-Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in 7 counties to clean up algal blooms that were killing marine animals and making humans sick. That clean-up effort cost taxpayers upwards of $18 million dollars.
In 2019, Ron DeSantis started a task force to find a solution. Now it’s time for the legislators to pass recommendations on the Task Force sponsored Senate Bill 832 (companion House Bill 561). In the meantime, conflict has erupted over a separate bill, SB 2508, supported by sugar growers. SB 2508 would substantially change years of work to restore the Everglades and the flow of water from Lake Okeechobee southward.
Even Governor DeSantis issued a public statement slamming the bill, saying “Rather than advancing legislation seeking to effect a major change in policy, SB 2508 is being rammed through the budget process, short-circuiting public engagement and leaving affected agencies in the dark.”
Dozens of stakeholders from SW Florida traveled to give testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee, saying this bill would ruin water quality and their livelihoods by favoring sugar farmers’ interests over Everglades restoration. That bill has now passed the Senate and is being considered by the House.
Call to Action: Tell the Legislature to implement the Blue-Green Algae Task Force recommendations, SB 832 and HB 561.  Protect the Everglades rather than Big Sugar!  Vote NO on SB 2508.