This week we saw President Donald Trump initiate an insurrection against the United States government in a final effort to remain in power. A large part of the Republican base believes, groundlessly, that the election was stolen because that’s what leading figures in the party have been saying, egged on by President Trump.

This was published in our newsletter on Jan 9, 2021. It was written by our Chair, Teresa Jenkins. Subscribe to our newsletter here

Wednesday, January 6th was a day of anger.  An angry mob, fueled by their Presidential leader, sought to upend our democracy by storming the Capital.  They bear a heavy burden to explain their conduct. And now they, through the right-wing fringe media, have the gall to blame Democrats, antifa, and President-elect Biden.

Those insurrectionists saw themselves as warriors fighting to hold on to a white America on behalf of a president who told them explicitly to march to their Capital.

The Capital building belongs to all of us. This country belongs to all of us. This national shame stains all of us.

Donald Trump is wholly, unquestionably and unforgivably responsible for the events of January 6th. As a result, this Party and all Americans have no choice but to call for the removal of President Donald Trump by impeachment.

We ask that you call your senators or send them an email and ask them to support impeachment. Demand that our senators impeach the president and remove him from office now.

Broken doors and windows can be repaired. A broken democracy will take much longer. We begin the journey with the impeachment of Donald Trump.

We can’t remedy the past errors that brought us here, but we can avoid new ones, starting by rejecting the notion that the events of January 6th won’t lead to something worse.

We have lost all faith in the sitting president’s ability to uphold the U.S. Constitution. He must be impeached and removed immediately.

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