Corporations have the right to criticize voting laws

This letter to the editor by Charlotte Dems member, Penelope Mayer, was published in the Charlotte Sun on April17, 2021. Please join her in speaking out on issues.

Remember Citizen’s United when the Supreme Court declared corporations are people, too, with the unlimited right to voice their opinions with their unlimited pocketbooks? Remember Republicans wagging their tails and nearly wetting themselves in anticipation of those corporate dollars and their ability to advance Republican policies and candidates? I do.

Now those same Republicans are telling corporations, “We still want your money, but you have to keep your actual mouths shut. We’ll do the talking for you. If you keep mouthing off about protecting voting rights, or anything else, we don’t agree with, we’ll hit you where it hurts — in your pocketbooks, the same ones we still have our hands in.”

Guaranteeing the civil rights of Americans, specifically the right to vote without undue and discriminatory practices, is everyone’s patriotic responsibility, including corporations.

It’s time for all of us to rally against all laws that make it impossible, harder, or inconvenient for all eligible voters to vote. Those are voter suppression laws in sheep’s clothing. Those are laws telling some of us to shut up, that someone else will do the talking for us. If understanding that is being woke, then we all need to wake up.

The wolf is at our door and threatening to blow our house down. Let’s hope the bricks of democracy are still standing after this latest deadly assault.