Covid-19 by the Numbers

In a crisis like the one we are currently facing, it is important to have the facts. Our World In Data has a page of statistics regarding the infection and mortality numbers regarding the Coronavirus. I downloaded the data and made a few charts based on the US numbers. Take a look at them and get a feel for what we are really up against. note the third chart, mortality Rate. The claim nobody cares about the 33,000 people who died from the flu this year has been tossed about by naysayers. the flu has an annual death toll of 30,000 to 60,000 lives and a mortality rate of 0.1% or less. At present Covid 19 has a mortality rate in the US of 1.3% that is more than ten times higher. Add to that the fact that coronavirus has a longer incubation period and is much more contagious and it should be easy to see why this is potentially a much bigger crisis.