COVID-19 collides with economic and racial inequality


by Kathleen Davey, Charlotte County Dems writer

New COVID-19 cases and deaths increase at ever-growing rates. Protests following the killing of George Floyd went on for months. We are witnessing the pandemic colliding with racial inequity and economic inequality. The impact of COVID-19 on minority and lower-income communities has been more devastating than on white and middle-class populations.

“Blacks and Latinos each have hospitalization rates 4.5 times higher than non-Hispanic whites”, notes Teresa Jenkins, Charlotte County Dem Chair. “The assumption ‘We are all in this together’ distracts us from the socio-economic dimensions of the COVID19 crisis. The effects of this pandemic are anything but equal”.

Charlotte County Dems is hosting a virtual round-table discussion to help us understand the economic and health impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable communities. Economic professors and researchers, Mark Paul and Amanda Phalin will lead the examination of this important issue. The goal of the discussion is to identify what we can do to educate the public about the differences between Joe Biden’s plan and that of the current president.

This will be Mark’s second time talking to Charlotte Dems. Last year he spoke to us about the Green New Deal. Mark is an assistant professor of economics and environmental studies at New College, St. Petersburg, Florida. His research includes environmental economics and economic inequality.

Amanda teaches international business, global strategy, and managerial economics at the University of Florida. Amanda specializes in international economics and business and has researched gender issues in business. She is analyzing the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Join this timely discussion as we strive to expand and shape our understanding of current issues. Ensure that we do not ignore the impact of COVID-19 on communities of color and the poor. These issues exemplify the importance of our work to ensure Joe Biden is our next president!

The virtual round-table discussion will be held on Wednesday, July 15 at 6 p.m.

To register for this discussion, please click here.


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