David Hogg: Tallahassee Lawmakers Care More About Pornography Than Our Lives

During an appearance last night on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Douglas student David Hogg said that Tallahassee lawmakers were more interested in cracking down on pornography than pushing for common sense gun safety and protecting lives.

In a joint interview with Stoneman Douglas student Cameron Kasky, Hogg said that after meeting with lawmakers in Tallahassee, it was clear that politicians were so beholden to the gun lobby that they “wouldn’t even discuss assault weapons.”

Hogg: We met with some of the legislators in Tallahassee and we felt like we didn’t really get far enough because they wouldn’t even discuss assault weapons there. What they did discuss though was porn as a public health emergency. Which just goes to show you, it’s Florida.
Maher: A related shooting issue.
Hogg: Ya, ya. But sadly that’s the only one that these lawmakers seem to care about.
Maher: Is that really? Is that what they said to you? They said let’s switch the subject to porn? And how old are you guys? 17? It’s not going to work with you. I remember 17 and boy…
Hogg: I say they stop looking at that stuff and actually start looking at our lives. So with the economics, with all of that, we felt like, at least I felt like, we weren’t getting enough movement, so I decided that if all these politicians care about is money, then let’s go after their money.