DEC Legislative Committee Holds Its First Meeting

By Teresa Jenkins,
Legislative Liaison Committee Chair

The Legislative Liaison Committee held its first meeting on February 13. The meeting was deemed, “the calm before the storm,” as Florida’s 60-day legislative session will begin on March 5. Interim committee weeks are about to end and we’ll get the show on the road!

DEC members are advised that you will see an uptick in the number of “Action Alerts” from us asking that you call your representative to support or oppose a bill. We promise to not bombard you with these blasts, limiting them to the most critical issues.

From a local perspective, two Committee members stepped up to attend County Commission meetings on a regular basis. Our attendance helps to hold Commissioners accountable; allows us to address the Commission on issues important to the DEC and its members; and to report to this Committee and DEC membership on areas of interest.

We can use more volunteers, so please help us out by getting involved at the local level.

We have the option to view meetings via the County website This is also where anyone can find the meetings and events calendar, committee vacancies, and government calendar as well as view CC-TV – the government access TV also accessible on Comcast channel 20 and CenturyLink channel 96.

There is also an app that can be downloaded where you will also find “CC-TV Government Access Television.” You can Live-Stream meetings, find the CC-TV schedule, and YouTube videos of previously held meetings.

Those interested in pursuing a Single-Member District concept for Charlotte County are encouraged to contact Jim Blue. Currently, voters in the entire county elect all Charlotte County Commissioners.