Demand the Senate Conduct a Thorough Impeachment Trial

Please take 2 minutes to call your U.S. Senators and demand that they defend the Constitution by pledging to support a full and fair impeachment trial.   Call the switchboards and make your voice heard!

Marco Rubio: (202) 224-3041
Rick Scott (202) 224-5274

Do you believe the trial should be aired publicly?  Call 202-224-2541.

The jury is not really the Senate; it’s the public!

Suggested Message: The president was impeached in December by the U.S. House. The Senate must now hold a fair trial. The allegations against the president are serious and justify calling witnesses and thoughtfully considering all evidence. Anything less would be a defiance of constitutional governance and your oath of office.

Despite the grave nature of the impeachment charges against the president, the Senate Majority Leader is doing everyone he can to prevent a fair impeachment trial. This unspeakable coordination between the legislative and executive branches of government flagrantly ignores the constitutional checks and balances designed to limit presidential abuse of power.

Senators from both parties must insist on a thorough impeachment process.

Call today and demand that your senator defend the Constitution. Thank You!