Democrats care more about kids, constitution, etc.

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The difference between Republicans and Democrats is, Democrats care.

We care about the health, welfare and education of children. Health, protecting them from deadly viruses that has killed over a million Americans. Welfare, that no child should be homeless or go hungry. Education, that every child should receive a free and equitable education in all disciplines (math, science and history). Taxpayers already fund public education and should not pay for pseudo school vouchers.

Democrats care that a woman should receive the healthcare that she wants and deserves, and businesses should operate freely and safely in their communities. Teachers should not have to fear prosecution for the promotion of inclusion, curricula, or equality. Affordable healthcare for all, just as we pay for our legislators, we deserve the same. Gun legislation should protect citizens and not be the targets.

Mostly, Democrats care about our democratic republic, the U.S. constitution (all amendments) and the preservation of equality and justice for all and a free and fair press. They do not promote dictators, autocrats or despots, and should not have candidates running for the highest office in this country promoting Russian ideology and not supporting the war efforts to preserve democracy in Ukraine.

These are just a few examples of what Democrats promote and defend. As always, we deserve and should demand better legislation from bias, oppression and hate.

Diane Allen, Port Charlotte

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