Democrats Pass Bill to Reopen the Government!

Say it loud and make it clear: the newly Democratic-controlled House approved a legislative package to reopen parts of the federal government.  The bill passed the House 241-190.

And Democrats in the House approved a spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security that would not allocate any new fall funding. The bill passed 239-192,  with five Republicans joining Democrats.

The door is wide open for Senate Republicans to pass legislation to reopen most of the government as the legislation sets aside the border wall debate.

But both pieces of legislation will be dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate because the key sticking point is the President’s demand for $5 billion in wall funding.

The biggest problem with the President’s border wall is that it was never about border security. It’s about dividing Americans—playing upon racial fears and anxiety.  The wall is a political campaign promise that the President insists must be fulfilled to keep his base happy. It will do nothing to solve the real problem which is Visa overstays.

To appease his base, the President will continue to  spread falsehoods about immigrants that further divides us.

The wall is not a solution—for anything.