Democrats Ready for Battleground Victories

Tuesday’s sweeping victories in Virginia to regain control of that commonwealth’s House, Senate and Governorship prove Democrats are prepared to restore civility to the American political landscape.

Even in the deep-red state of Kentucky, Trump’s “Mini-Me” toady,  incumbent Governor Matt Bevin couldn’t leverage visits by the President or Vice President to retain enough of Trump’s 30 point margin to hold his seat.   Maybe too many Kentuckians read the transcript?

Democrat Andy Bashear upset the sitting governor in a deeply red state long BEFORE any remaining moderate Republicans start to figure out that playing a patsy to Putin is well, a little um, not so good.

As Democrats, we have a lot of work ahead, but the logjam of obstinance and obstruction may be about to crumble.

Check out some news from the website to see how we will work to win next year, especially in our critical swing state of Florida,

  • Florida Politics: Democrats preparing for presidential campaign on pocketbook issues. “Democrats are preparing to make the 2020 presidential election in battleground states about pocketbook issues such as Medicare and Social Security in Florida, dairy farmers in Wisconsin, and factory closings in Michigan and Ohio, the effects of Republican tax cuts in Arizona.” 
  • Florida Politics: Florida Democrats outline strategy to take down Donald Trump in Florida. “The state party has already raised $5.2 million for its campaign to defeat Trump and has assembled a team of 91 employees — the largest team in the nation and equal to both the Trump Florida campaign and Republican Party of Florida staff combined, according to Rizzo. The party hopes to register 200,000 new voters in Florida by July and has already registered 17,000 since June, out-registering Republicans four months in a row for the first time in three years.”
  • FDP MEMO: One-year from Election Day, Florida Democratic Party Creating Robust Operation, Growing Electorate for Eventual Nominee. “FDP has already raised $5.2 million for the campaign to defeat Trump — with more than a year to election day…With more than a year to the election, FDP has a massive campaign operation and is on pace to register 200,000 voters by July 2020.”