Dems learn from Repubs how to get their message across

Dems learn from Repubs how to get their message across

By: Denise Candea, Charlotte County Dems Writer

Who is making Trump’s TV ads? They are truly awful – silly, out-of-context, blurry shots of Joe Biden. They look like they were made in the White House basement bunker. This is the best they can do? “I’m Donald Trump, the stable genius, and I approve this inferior, child-like (apologies to kids everywhere) message”. I repeat, this is the best they have? Where are all those Republican marketing gurus who can make whole cloth out of nothing? Ah, that’s right, they’re on our side this year.

Republican PACs, like the Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump are creating (and paying for) absolutely brutal, brilliant ads that are unbelievably timely. If you have not seen the one starring Lindsey Graham check it out. It should win an ADDY award. As Rick Wilson, a founder of the Lincoln Project, along with Kellyanne Conway’s husband George, said in an interview with Jane Recker for the Washingtonian, Democrats are not as good at the hard hitting type of ad that Republicans know how to produce. But this year is not normal and by 2022 Republicans will probably be our adversaries once again, so we need to bow to their superior messaging apparatus and take a page from their playbook. Based on a new Biden ad critical of Trump’s response to the coronavirus, we are learning to deliver a blunt blow!

Democrats always try to persuade. We believe we are right and we want to bring others along to see our point of view. This often means we end up “in the weeds” so to speak. It is time to simplify our Democratic message. We stand for the rights of every marginalized group, for global human rights, and for Mother Earth.

Every single thing we stand for distills to a simple message, Justice For All.