DeSantis is ignoring workers’ needs

Editor’s note: This was published as a Letter to the Editor in The Daily Sun on Sept 5, 2021.

Members of the Charlotte County Democratic Party have been collecting and donating food to food banks for almost a year. And the need not only continues but increases. There are a lot of people in this county, and in this state, who need food. Why? Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In June Gov. DeSantis cut jobless aid by more than half to only $197 per week and rejected extra federal dollars meant to stimulate the economy and help people who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus. Now the delta variant of the coronavirus is overwhelming Florida’s hospitals and its economy. Without these benefits workers can’t afford food, utilities, healthcare, childcare, or housing. His reasons for these horrific acts are purely partisan and political.

While Charlotte County workers are suffering economic hardships because of DeSantis, the Democratic Party of Charlotte County is doing two important things: working hard to ensure DeSantis does not get re-elected in 2022 and collecting food to help those in need. It is the Democratic Party that is committed to doing everything possible to re-build a full-employment economy. It is the party that cuts taxes for working families not the rich and provides unemployment aid for hardworking Americans who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. There are many ways to help. Visit the website, to find out how.

By Teresa Jenkins, Punta Gorda