Disrespectful Steube evades tough questions

Editor’s note:  This is a letter to the editor published in the Charlotte Daily Sun on July 25, 2021

I’ve witnessed U.S. Rep. Steube’s biased disrespect and contempt. A town hall in Punta Gorda historic courthouse, mostly seniors packed in an 80-degree hallway while he stands in front of an empty, air-conditioned room. In North Port where he was promoting the privatization of veterans’ health care, when veterans start asking questions he didn’t want to answer, he ended it early. A telephone town hall where you call in your questions ahead of time, but some never got asked because he spent the time listening to the Trump praisers, the lies and slanders about Democrats, then abruptly ends the call.

I’ve watched congressional hearings where he demeans Democrats’ attempts to find truth, as he panders to the audience of one. You can tell the character of a man by the company he keeps, like his buddies Jim Jordan, who turned a blind eye while young men were abused and Matt Gaetz, an accused sex trafficker, drug abuser and exploiter of women.

He profits from ‘dark money’ while spewing his lies and propaganda, supporting white nationalist insurrectionists, therefore not upholding his oath of office, to protect and defend us from all enemies, foreign and domestic, but worships at the altar of a false god at Mar-a-Lago.

The Daily Sun was overly fair in their view of Steube’s performance. Those of us who have experienced his undeserved disrespect, should expect and demand better leadership.

Diane Allen, Port Charlotte, FL